ideas2it software trainee interview questions

Please Note: I have collected all interview questions information from the individual persons who have an interview experience with ideas2it technologies

Program Questions asked in Technical Rounds

  • Eliminate common term from two strings
  • Matrix diagonal addition.
  • Write a program to print the even number that are repeated odd no of times in a given array.
  • Write a program to count occurrence of each letter in a given string.
  • Print the letter that occur max no of times in the last word of sentence
  • Program to sort Nos in ascending order
  • Print the closest two value of X in an array.
  • Print the Program as per the Input->(a3b4d2), output->(aaabbbbdd)
  • In Array add subset elements and check whether they are equal to sum ( sum value will be given)
  • print the program as per the Input->( Welcome to ideas2it) Output->( Welcome ideas2it)
  • Print Largest 2nd no in an array
  • Check the given array is mirror or not
  • Split the 2 sentence without using inbuilt functions
  • Rotate the first and last rows, columns of a square matrix.
  • Find the subset of largest and smallest number from array list.
  • Program to express (a+b) only using ++operator.
  • Program to replace a no in an array with the next higher no in the same array.
  • Find third biggest no without sorting.
  • How will you reverse the string in more than 2 ways.

Puzzle Questions asked in Technical Round

  • Iron Rod Puzzle.
  • Bridge Puzzle
  • Torch light Puzzle.
  • Horse puzzle.
  • Chocolate puzzle.
  • 12 black mice and 1 white mice puzzle.
  • Contaminated pills puzzle.
  • 3 socks puzzle.
  • Puzzle: SSS, SCC, C, SC, ?
  • A sends message to B where C has access to A inbox how can A send message and get reply from B where C cannot access
  • Camel puzzle.
  • Banana Puzzle.
  • 100 doors toggling and 25 horse race puzzle.

Estimated Salary for freshers at ideas2it Technologies

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Finally to clear the technical and Hr round most important things you should follow is

About Ideas2it Technology

ideas2IT started in 2009 in Silicon Valley as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) consulting firm. Our founder, Murali Vivekanandan would serve as the CTO for some of his former coworkers. They were ex-Googlers.

They had good ideas and were from the business side. They wanted a technology leader in their team. As their CTO, Murali tried to outsource the technology to various software companies. He tried within the US and also offshore. This did not work. Most of these firms wanted all the details upfront. Later it became all about scope management. The quality was also average.

Murali then realized that building innovative products requires a radically different DNA. First, it requires a world-class team with a passion for the craft. Second, it requires excellent architecture skills and a solution-oriented mindset. Ideas2IT pivoted to solve this problem and started with a handpicked team of 6 engineers.

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